Shamrock Lodge Hotel – @WestmeatHour

County Hours are the most wonderful way of getting people together to chat, promote their businesses and get to know one another. I am a huge advocate after attending a talk by Phillip at an OMiG event which was thoroughly enjoyable. I was delighted to take part and book Westmeath Hour for the wonderful hotel that I work in on the 3rd September. The hour runs from 9pm-10pm on Thursday nights and is the perfect time to grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch with the laptop and get tweeting!

Janice who is the host of the Westmeath county hour is just wonderful. She gave me so much help and guidance before the event and I really got the most out of it. I really cannot recommend this enough! In one night the hashtag used for our hotel had over 1 million potential impacts and a potential reach of over 60,000, the mind boggles! I also like to get involved and get to know other county hours as well. They are all so welcoming and helpful and they make it so enjoyable. I am really passionate about this and how it gets people together, the support is just unbelievable. I will continue to be a huge advocate for the county hours and hope to book another hour in the coming months.

I hope I can tweet with you at some point! I can be found @Shamrock_Lodge and would love to interact! Let’s get trending Ireland!

Mary Glynn, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone.