Regional Campaign! Donegal, Mayo & Sligo

As a big fan of the twitter medium outside of work I had been keen to try and use it to enhance the profile of the business and gain some further exposure in Ireland and the UK.

Almost by accident one evening I came across the #mayohour hashtag on my timeline and fuelled by curiousity I clicked in, and was amazed to see how many local people and businesses were interacting, and at an unbelievable pace –  I couldn’t keep up with it!

At the time we had been working on the promotion for a concert in Bundoran and ticket sales were a little on the slow side –  this is when I decided to give Twitter a whirl by sponsoring #mayohour #sligohour and #donegalhour for one week, to see if we could further our reach and get the news of the concert to more people to drive ticket sales.

The service from the quickestfox team prior to the twitter events was really second to none; professional and very thorough. I briefed them as to what I needed out of the event, and they promptly responded with tweets that we agreed to use that we felt would drive interest and interaction. I was offered support by each one of the hosts, and really did feel like I had 2/3 people on hand at all times to answer any questions I had.

The hours themselves fly by and providing you give it your undivided attention for at very least 90 minutes, I would be confident that whatever business or service you’re promoting will get an excellent response. We put together what I consider to have been really enticing and valuable prizes which again I believe helped with engagement. You’ll need your wits about you to keep up, but providing you get in the habit of using the correct hashtags etc then it really is quite simple.

The reports that come through the following day are professionally presented and detailed. The team were on hand to answer my questions, of which there were quite a few!

The concert itself turned out to be a sell-out, I was even running around during the first few songs trying to arrange extra seating for walk-ins on the night. A large number of people I spoke to cited twitter as being the medium via which they learned about the event, and I’ve no doubt that the team at QuickestFox were integral to us getting that message out and making the event such a success. A big thank you to all involved.

Daniel Kelly, Head of Operations

Ireland West Music TV