Meath Hour – Gormanston Park

Recently I started my marketing work placement with Gormanston Park. My main job is to build the awareness of the facility which hopefully translates into customers. After trying a few different methods, I still felt we weren’t reaching our core target market; the people of Meath.
I got in touch with Anne who ran @MeathHour. I felt it was a good chance to connect with other businesses, get a better understanding of what Meath has to offer and also get our name out there. As we recently introduced Footgolf to Gormanston, a prize of a free round for a group of friends was put up for grabs.
I wasn’t really sure how the hour would go but Anne was very helpful from the beginning. She helped in building the content which would be posted, gave tips on how to generate conversation and pitched in for the entire hour. Overall we had 2.4 million impressions which absolutely blew us away.
Along with this we gained 40+ new followers and made some valuable connections along the way. With this we were also able to tell people about our accommodation, catered food and numerous other sports facilities. For one hour Gormanston Park was the centre of attention and really gave a boost to the business. I would highly recommend taking part in one of the hours if not sponsoring one.
It helped increase traffic to our website, other social media sites and also word of mouth. We will definitely be sponsoring an hour sometime in the future again. Thanks to everyone at the Quickest Fox marketing team and we look forward to this week’s @MeathHour again.
Graham Long, Marketing, Gormanston Park, Tel: 01-8496853