Light Life Learning on @GalwayHour

So delighted to have been the #quickbiz for lively #galwayhour. I’m fairly new to Twitter, being mostly on Facebook with my business so far, and this has given me the boost I needed. I work in wellbeing as an EFT Trainer and Master Practitioner and run trainings in Kerry and in Galway. It really helped to raise awareness about what I do and to get some great networking going. I was amazed at getting five and a half million impacts, and to see #lightlifelearning trending was really exciting.

I write a wellness blog and #angeleft blog and embed EFT videos within them. Twitter is a great platform for sharing these. There is such a variety of people who go on the county hours, but you never know who might be interested in what you are doing and promoting. Also how word gets around when people are retweeting your posts and tweeting about you. It’s a great idea. Businesses who have done the hour are encouraged to come back and join in weekly which helps grow the community and increases impressions.

I learned loads in preparing for the hour, the tips and pointers increased my Twitter savvy generally. I made some really great connections and got new follows. There is a real sense of warmth and support from those who attend and from @GalwayHour, who tweet your posts outside of the hour also. Anne from the Quickest Fox Team made contact a few times before the day to make sure Galway Hour were retweeting the things I wanted to focus on, and to know what my hopes were for the hour.

The idea of giving away prizes works in your favour of course as people who would have liked to win will be tempted to buy it if they don’t win, and perhaps winners will buy something else from you too. I highly recommend this to solopreneurs like me, and to businesses generally who want to increase brand awareness, connections, and leads. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about what to wear for once too!! I’ll be back for more. Apart from all of that, it was great fun. Time to get your craic on with Quickest Fox Marketing – go for it!

Susan Browne Energy EFT Trainer & Master Practitioner, YouTuber, Counsellor, Reiki Master.

Twitter: @LightLifeLearn