Larder360 rocking @GalwayHour

Thanks once again for the hour – great results and we have 10 new accounts so far this week.  Until you host @GalwayHour, it’s very hard to comprehend just how absolutely manic it can be. From 9pm until long after 10pm, you’re tweeting, liking, retweeting constantly, as well as engaging with your audience and promoting your business. But when it’s all over and you look back, @GalwayHour was so much fun and great for your business. Being able to connect with so many people in the space of just one hour is brilliant.

We, at Larder360, hosted @GalwayHour and it proved invaluable, both in the analytics provided and the fun that was had. We went into hosting this hour not really knowing what to expect but looking forward to it immensely. There is a lot of preparation that goes into hosting a #GalwayHour night, as we saw first-hand, between organising photos, the type of content we put up and the different topics to discuss. I was scheduling pictures to go up at different intervals during the hour, to tie in with the topics we were discussing.

Promotion for the night began a couple of weeks in advance, making sure our loyal followers knew about it, and could give their opinion on Larder360 and how well it works for them.  We’re so lucky to have great graphic designers who can create fabulous posters for us. We also needed to inform our producers that we would be hosting the night and make sure to connect during the hour.

The following morning we got a report on our night, and the feedback was so interesting and very informative. On the night we hosted #GalwayHour we had 8.4 MILLION impacts! The informative is incredibly detailed and so helpful for the future promotion of Larder360. In fact, we had such a good time on #GalwayHour, we’ll be hosting again in November!

We were also contacted by the Sunday Times for an article they are researching on how to source local produce – will be in the Sunday 21st edition – they found us from trending during the hour.

I’d highly recommend using your #countyhour for the promotion of businesses, it can be very beneficial and prove incredibly valuable. Check out Quickest Fox Marketing for more information on your #countyhour