Hashtag well done in a Retweet sauce with GalwayHour

When we @Pearla_na_Mara first heard of the GalwayHour, to be honest – we weren’t fully sure what it involved, but it sounded good. With our Galway city branch still not even 9 months old and our existence on Twitter no more than the last 2 of those, we were getting itchy fingers to tweet our hearts out, but although we had taken to the medium with much enthusiasm, there was a feeling that we hadn’t yet found our tune. To set the beat to which this tune would find its audience in the came the conductors from the GalwayHour.

Before our coverage with the GalwayHour started properly, we found that Péarla na Mara had already received quite a lot of coverage in the build up to Tuesday’s showcase hour just from being in the GalwayHour’s seemingly constantly spinning promotional wheel.

In addition to the obvious perks of this build up coverage, the benefits of working with the Quickest Fox marketing team were very apparent from the get go as they weren’t content with simply giving us coverage in hope and good faith that we’d have a stab at making it work for us, no, they were on hand at every turn prior to the event to assist and advise us in planning our coverage correctly and smartly in advance of the main event to ensure that we were suitably capable of capitalising on the exposure the GalwayHour spotlight would offer our business. It felt like a very personable and friendly crash course in effective social media communication, and we at Péarla na Mara certainly were treated like the teacher’s pet for those few days in which we learned a lot, and we’d be lying to you if we said we didn’t like it.

When our marketing team of 2 sat down at 7pm on Tuesday the 2nd of February, 2 hours before the big hour, we still did not fully know what exactly the GalwayHour was going to throw at us, but felt that we somehow could trust the advice that had been given to us by Quickest Fox Marketing. And when the time eventually came along, we had indeed been well equipped, or to put it more accurately – as well equipped as we could have been – to deal with the welcomed mania of receiving countless hundreds of notifications in a very short period of time (neither us or our laptops, or phones could keep up).

From the moment we sat down to prepare at 7 to nearly 11 o’clock when we decided to call it a night (even though it was still going strong), the 4 hours had flown by in what seemed like a half an hour at most amidst a digital sea of tweets in which Péarla na Mara and GalwayHour were the waves everybody was surfing on.

Aside from the numbers it has brought to our business already in online terms (over 6 million impacts), our restaurants in Galway city centre and Oranmore have had brand new customers who either were involved in the GalwayHour or knew somebody that was.

We at Péarla na Mara have nothing but good things to say about what the Quickest Fox Marketing have done for our business and it has proven to be the kickstart that we needed to properly launch ourselves into the World of Twitter. We very much recommend the Quickest Fox marketing team and we are already looking forward to next weeks’ GalwayHour.

The Marketing Team

Péarla na Mara

Bridgewater Court (next to Monroe’s)

Galway’s West End

091 502911