County Hours

C360_2015-02-10-11-33-59-930County Hours are on for one hour per week. The days & hours are in the sidebar to the right.

To sponsor a night and to boost your profile and your Searchability on Twitter you can contact us at

Look on the How to page for some great hints and tips for getting the most from sponsoring a night.

 See what other businesses say about us:

“Fast, furious and effective Social Networking-powered by #galwayhour. We would recommend #galwayhour as a strong tool to involve in your social media marketing portfolio. Very good for generating brand awareness within the Galway business community.” Paula Feeney, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hotel Meyrick

“We at Greenes Shoes are new to Twitter @greenesshoes and recently through following @galwayhour and @donegalhour have seen a massive spike in our followers and interaction with prospective new customers. This online networking event has become part of the Greenes Shoes overall marketing strategy and on the weeks we have contributed prizes for the events we have seen increased interest in our online social media and direct hits to our website. We are not totally committed time wise to Twitter but would not miss a presence in either of these events. The feedback and analytics from @galwayhour and @donegalhour further strengthen our marketing campaign and allow us to target our products to this specific section of followers.”  Evelyn McGlynn, Greenes Shoes