My 60 minutes of fame with @MayoHour

So you may ask, what’s @MayoHour anyway?  Well this was totally new to me a few weeks ago.  I had seen @MayoHour appear on my Twitter feed, but I hadn’t a clue what it meant.

So I jumped on the bandwagon And threw out a tweet introducing myself @MayoHour.  The lovely Tracy from @MayoHour tweeted me back to explain what was going on.

So it’s fairly foolproof there’s a sponsor every week and anyone who’s joining in the conversation has to #thesponsor and #mayohour.

So I joined in the craic to see what was going on.

A few weeks later I seen they were looking for a business to sponsor the hour.
I clicked into it to see what the craic was. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was quite reasonable. Advertising for a small business can be ridiculously expensive and to be fair the @MayoHour is an affordable fee for a sponsor.

So I signed up.

Tracy made things very easy for me by introducing me to tweet deck.  This is a great tool for scheduling tweets.  I’m a fast tweeter anyway but it’s still hard to keep up with the mayhem that unfolds on  @MayoHour.  I made loads of connections that night and there was a bit of craic and banter too.

Platinum was fairly trending that night.

It’s funny because I’ve met businesses that were not on my radar at all.  This is great as it gets everyone chatting and out of our own comfort zone. A little diversity never hurt anybody.  I’ve become acquainted with everyone from sheep farmers to holistic therapists to taxi drivers.

I love @MayoHour now and I make sure I’m ready for it on a Monday night.

I’m in the process of setting up a lifestyle blog at the moment. It will be based on my life here in Mayo. I’m a 34yr old Mum, Wife, hairdresser, businesswoman. Clean eating food lover.

I’Il be blogging about everything from my recent Wedding to

  • Recipes
  • Healthy eating while out.
  • Hair
  • Make up
  • Holidays
  • Social events etc

I fully intend to use @MayoHour to help promote my blog.

I’m hoping to have it up and running by the end of the month. So watch this space.

In the meantime you’ll find me on Twitter @platinummaria

You can tweet me anytime or catch me on the @MayoHour at 9pm on Monday nights.  It’s not to be missed for all the Mayo banter.

Maria Conneely
Platinum hairdressing
Market sq
Co Mayo


Kinlay Hostel – #trendforaweek

We were thrilled to be selected to run the first ever #trendforaweek. What a fantastic opportunity for Kinlay! I was a bit concerned about how much work would be involved but Philip made it all really easy. The reaction from around the country was just fantastic. We got national coverage over the week and linked up with so many people and associations which we would otherwise never have known. It’s funny chatting to new people and they say “Oh! You’re Kinlay Galway! I always see ye guys on twitter”. It’s amazing how a brand name can get recognised so quickly.

The week itself was good fun I must say. A bit intense on the fingers but totally worth it. Our website hits went through the roof, bookings increased, brand awareness grew & we made tons of new friends who are essentially brand ambassadors all over the country. Word of mouth is huge for us and #trendforaweek just added to that. Massive thanks to all at Quickest Fox Marketing for all their help and support.

Frank O’Connell  l  General Manager  l  Kinlay Hostel
Eyre Square, Galway

Awarded BEST HOSTEL IN IRELAND 2015 – International Hostel Awards  ~

T: +353 91 565244  l  M: +353 87 9542133
E:  W:

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JanRan Web Design @WestmeathHour

Firstly a big Thank You to @WestmeathHour & Quickest Fox Marketing!

I sponsored the first hour for WestmeathHour and while it was a daunting prospect & I wasn’t sure how it would go; the support and guidance that I got in advance made it to be a fun & frenetic experience! The time flew by and my followers flew up!

The main measurable for me, as a business, is conversion rates and I gained 4 new clients from the hours’ work which I consider to be an outstanding success. It has increased my business profile in my geographical location but also widened my opportunity for work nationally. I would highly recommend any business, whether starting up or established, using the County Hours as part of their marketing strategy.

My top tip – use a scheduler like TweetDeck so you can get all the pictures up in advance and then give your time to engaging with tweeters on the night.

Check me out: | @janranwebdesign


From Meggan – Cork

“Hello people of the internet! Let’s start this off by saying, I’m not Irish. I was born and raised in America. Even though I’ve lived in Cork for almost 7 years now, I still feel new. When I stumbled across #Corkhour, I thought it would be a great way to get to know the people who run the businesses I love. Plus, I get to sit there in my pajamas, with my coffee, and have a bitta craic!

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How to get the most from sponsoring an “hour”

Firstly, congratulations on booking a sponsorship of one of the hours! Here are some pointers to get the most from it.

birdhashtagPick a hashtag. Your hashtag should be unique if possible. I would recommend using your website name for instance. This has the added benefit of increasing your Search Engine Optimisation (your ranking on google searches). A shorter hashtag can be useful as you only have 140 characters in a tweet!
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Starting my business

After moving from Dublin to Wicklow my plan was to set up my own business. With a background in animal care from Working in Dogs Trust and in various pet shops and veterinary practices the obvious line of work involved Dogs.

I never studied business in school (or enjoyed school at all for that matter) When I finished secondary school I went straight to work for AXA insurance where I gained some corporate knowledge. But as for starting out on my own I went in to this somewhat blind and all guns blazing.

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