Food Academy with Musgraves

We contacted Quickest Fox Marketing after noticing the success of the #CorkHour during the Cork & Kerry Food Forum. Three County Hours were booked; CorkHour, GalwayHour and DublinHour. Due to the fact that there are over 280 small producers currently on the Food Academy programme, we wanted to give each producer the opportunity to showcase their business to a large platform and county hours was the best way for us to go about this.

Our aim here was to get #foodacademy trending in Ireland to generate an online conversation about the programme, encourage the public to visit the fixture in store and attract potential suppliers to the programme. Carrying out this series of County Hours with Quickest Fox allowed us to do exactly that.

On all three occasions #foodacademy trended in Ireland and the response that we received from the public and from our own Food Academy producers was hugely positive.

“Came to tweet and ended up making my shopping list @SuperValuIRL #foodacademy #corkhour”

 “I’ll definitely be checking it out in Ballinrobe now that I know about it!! #FoodAcademy #GalwayHour #CantWait”

“Don’t just take Twitter’s word for it…Go to your local SuperValu & check these products! #foodacademy #dublinhour”

Quickest Fox Marketing were a joy to work with throughout this promotional campaign. Debra, Annette and Anne showed exceptional attention to detail and really captured the essence of the message we were trying to portray. They were prompt to respond to any queries and provided us with great advice on how best to go about our campaign. The price was also very reasonable for the level of exposure the Food Academy and each producer received. We would strongly recommended County Hours to any small business no matter how good or bad their social media skills are. You’re in safe hands with Quickest Fox Marketing.

Mary Claire Lynch, Food Academy, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland



Light Life Learning on @GalwayHour

So delighted to have been the #quickbiz for lively #galwayhour. I’m fairly new to Twitter, being mostly on Facebook with my business so far, and this has given me the boost I needed. I work in wellbeing as an EFT Trainer and Master Practitioner and run trainings in Kerry and in Galway. It really helped to raise awareness about what I do and to get some great networking going. I was amazed at getting five and a half million impacts, and to see #lightlifelearning trending was really exciting.

I write a wellness blog and #angeleft blog and embed EFT videos within them. Twitter is a great platform for sharing these. There is such a variety of people who go on the county hours, but you never know who might be interested in what you are doing and promoting. Also how word gets around when people are retweeting your posts and tweeting about you. It’s a great idea. Businesses who have done the hour are encouraged to come back and join in weekly which helps grow the community and increases impressions.

I learned loads in preparing for the hour, the tips and pointers increased my Twitter savvy generally. I made some really great connections and got new follows. There is a real sense of warmth and support from those who attend and from @GalwayHour, who tweet your posts outside of the hour also. Anne from the Quickest Fox Team made contact a few times before the day to make sure Galway Hour were retweeting the things I wanted to focus on, and to know what my hopes were for the hour.

The idea of giving away prizes works in your favour of course as people who would have liked to win will be tempted to buy it if they don’t win, and perhaps winners will buy something else from you too. I highly recommend this to solopreneurs like me, and to businesses generally who want to increase brand awareness, connections, and leads. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about what to wear for once too!! I’ll be back for more. Apart from all of that, it was great fun. Time to get your craic on with Quickest Fox Marketing – go for it!

Susan Browne Energy EFT Trainer & Master Practitioner, YouTuber, Counsellor, Reiki Master.

Twitter: @LightLifeLearn


Larder360 rocking @GalwayHour

Thanks once again for the hour – great results and we have 10 new accounts so far this week.  Until you host @GalwayHour, it’s very hard to comprehend just how absolutely manic it can be. From 9pm until long after 10pm, you’re tweeting, liking, retweeting constantly, as well as engaging with your audience and promoting your business. But when it’s all over and you look back, @GalwayHour was so much fun and great for your business. Being able to connect with so many people in the space of just one hour is brilliant.

We, at Larder360, hosted @GalwayHour and it proved invaluable, both in the analytics provided and the fun that was had. We went into hosting this hour not really knowing what to expect but looking forward to it immensely. There is a lot of preparation that goes into hosting a #GalwayHour night, as we saw first-hand, between organising photos, the type of content we put up and the different topics to discuss. I was scheduling pictures to go up at different intervals during the hour, to tie in with the topics we were discussing.

Promotion for the night began a couple of weeks in advance, making sure our loyal followers knew about it, and could give their opinion on Larder360 and how well it works for them.  We’re so lucky to have great graphic designers who can create fabulous posters for us. We also needed to inform our producers that we would be hosting the night and make sure to connect during the hour.

The following morning we got a report on our night, and the feedback was so interesting and very informative. On the night we hosted #GalwayHour we had 8.4 MILLION impacts! The informative is incredibly detailed and so helpful for the future promotion of Larder360. In fact, we had such a good time on #GalwayHour, we’ll be hosting again in November!

We were also contacted by the Sunday Times for an article they are researching on how to source local produce – will be in the Sunday 21st edition – they found us from trending during the hour.

I’d highly recommend using your #countyhour for the promotion of businesses, it can be very beneficial and prove incredibly valuable. Check out Quickest Fox Marketing for more information on your #countyhour


Barry Jay Hughes thanks @GalwayHour

From the moment I enquired with @GalwayHour about sponsoring one of their hours I just knew it would be worth while. They have a great following and a very interactive fan base in Galway which was just what I needed. I was promoting a gig in Galway city so the results were evident when I go to the venue (The Secret Garden Cafe) and found people already there for the gig.  Galway Hour is certainly something I will use again to promote …

Barry Jay Hughes


Meath Hour – Gormanston Park

Recently I started my marketing work placement with Gormanston Park. My main job is to build the awareness of the facility which hopefully translates into customers. After trying a few different methods, I still felt we weren’t reaching our core target market; the people of Meath.
I got in touch with Anne who ran @MeathHour. I felt it was a good chance to connect with other businesses, get a better understanding of what Meath has to offer and also get our name out there. As we recently introduced Footgolf to Gormanston, a prize of a free round for a group of friends was put up for grabs.
I wasn’t really sure how the hour would go but Anne was very helpful from the beginning. She helped in building the content which would be posted, gave tips on how to generate conversation and pitched in for the entire hour. Overall we had 2.4 million impressions which absolutely blew us away.
Along with this we gained 40+ new followers and made some valuable connections along the way. With this we were also able to tell people about our accommodation, catered food and numerous other sports facilities. For one hour Gormanston Park was the centre of attention and really gave a boost to the business. I would highly recommend taking part in one of the hours if not sponsoring one.
It helped increase traffic to our website, other social media sites and also word of mouth. We will definitely be sponsoring an hour sometime in the future again. Thanks to everyone at the Quickest Fox marketing team and we look forward to this week’s @MeathHour again.
Graham Long, Marketing, Gormanston Park, Tel: 01-8496853


Hashtag well done in a Retweet sauce with GalwayHour

When we @Pearla_na_Mara first heard of the GalwayHour, to be honest – we weren’t fully sure what it involved, but it sounded good. With our Galway city branch still not even 9 months old and our existence on Twitter no more than the last 2 of those, we were getting itchy fingers to tweet our hearts out, but although we had taken to the medium with much enthusiasm, there was a feeling that we hadn’t yet found our tune. To set the beat to which this tune would find its audience in the came the conductors from the GalwayHour.

Before our coverage with the GalwayHour started properly, we found that Péarla na Mara had already received quite a lot of coverage in the build up to Tuesday’s showcase hour just from being in the GalwayHour’s seemingly constantly spinning promotional wheel.

In addition to the obvious perks of this build up coverage, the benefits of working with the Quickest Fox marketing team were very apparent from the get go as they weren’t content with simply giving us coverage in hope and good faith that we’d have a stab at making it work for us, no, they were on hand at every turn prior to the event to assist and advise us in planning our coverage correctly and smartly in advance of the main event to ensure that we were suitably capable of capitalising on the exposure the GalwayHour spotlight would offer our business. It felt like a very personable and friendly crash course in effective social media communication, and we at Péarla na Mara certainly were treated like the teacher’s pet for those few days in which we learned a lot, and we’d be lying to you if we said we didn’t like it.

When our marketing team of 2 sat down at 7pm on Tuesday the 2nd of February, 2 hours before the big hour, we still did not fully know what exactly the GalwayHour was going to throw at us, but felt that we somehow could trust the advice that had been given to us by Quickest Fox Marketing. And when the time eventually came along, we had indeed been well equipped, or to put it more accurately – as well equipped as we could have been – to deal with the welcomed mania of receiving countless hundreds of notifications in a very short period of time (neither us or our laptops, or phones could keep up).

From the moment we sat down to prepare at 7 to nearly 11 o’clock when we decided to call it a night (even though it was still going strong), the 4 hours had flown by in what seemed like a half an hour at most amidst a digital sea of tweets in which Péarla na Mara and GalwayHour were the waves everybody was surfing on.

Aside from the numbers it has brought to our business already in online terms (over 6 million impacts), our restaurants in Galway city centre and Oranmore have had brand new customers who either were involved in the GalwayHour or knew somebody that was.

We at Péarla na Mara have nothing but good things to say about what the Quickest Fox Marketing have done for our business and it has proven to be the kickstart that we needed to properly launch ourselves into the World of Twitter. We very much recommend the Quickest Fox marketing team and we are already looking forward to next weeks’ GalwayHour.

The Marketing Team

Péarla na Mara

Bridgewater Court (next to Monroe’s)

Galway’s West End

091 502911


What a regional campaign did for me!

As part of the launch of one of my music videos online I decided to connect with the County Hours on Twitter and the result was amazing. My hashtag of #onepetaldown reached an amazing 3.2million possible impacts that night and everyone involved was so helpful. The hosts of the County Hours are always very welcoming and are always willing to network. Because my project was a little different due to that fact I was literally crossing borders during county hours I was afraid my idea might fall on its feet but the reaction to the music video and the hits it got in a small number of hours was fantastic. My tour of the County Hours took place Oct 12th to 15th 2015 concluding with a three hour tweeting marathon on the final night. Amazing crew to network with and I will certainly call on the County Hours again soon. I tweet from @BarryJMusic and my standard hashtag is #barryjayhughes. I hope you can join me some time soon. Thank you Barry Jay Hughes


Shamrock Lodge Hotel – @WestmeatHour

County Hours are the most wonderful way of getting people together to chat, promote their businesses and get to know one another. I am a huge advocate after attending a talk by Phillip at an OMiG event which was thoroughly enjoyable. I was delighted to take part and book Westmeath Hour for the wonderful hotel that I work in on the 3rd September. The hour runs from 9pm-10pm on Thursday nights and is the perfect time to grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch with the laptop and get tweeting!

Janice who is the host of the Westmeath county hour is just wonderful. She gave me so much help and guidance before the event and I really got the most out of it. I really cannot recommend this enough! In one night the hashtag used for our hotel had over 1 million potential impacts and a potential reach of over 60,000, the mind boggles! I also like to get involved and get to know other county hours as well. They are all so welcoming and helpful and they make it so enjoyable. I am really passionate about this and how it gets people together, the support is just unbelievable. I will continue to be a huge advocate for the county hours and hope to book another hour in the coming months.

I hope I can tweet with you at some point! I can be found @Shamrock_Lodge and would love to interact! Let’s get trending Ireland!

Mary Glynn, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone.


Regional Campaign! Donegal, Mayo & Sligo

As a big fan of the twitter medium outside of work I had been keen to try and use it to enhance the profile of the business and gain some further exposure in Ireland and the UK.

Almost by accident one evening I came across the #mayohour hashtag on my timeline and fuelled by curiousity I clicked in, and was amazed to see how many local people and businesses were interacting, and at an unbelievable pace –  I couldn’t keep up with it!

At the time we had been working on the promotion for a concert in Bundoran and ticket sales were a little on the slow side –  this is when I decided to give Twitter a whirl by sponsoring #mayohour #sligohour and #donegalhour for one week, to see if we could further our reach and get the news of the concert to more people to drive ticket sales.

The service from the quickestfox team prior to the twitter events was really second to none; professional and very thorough. I briefed them as to what I needed out of the event, and they promptly responded with tweets that we agreed to use that we felt would drive interest and interaction. I was offered support by each one of the hosts, and really did feel like I had 2/3 people on hand at all times to answer any questions I had.

The hours themselves fly by and providing you give it your undivided attention for at very least 90 minutes, I would be confident that whatever business or service you’re promoting will get an excellent response. We put together what I consider to have been really enticing and valuable prizes which again I believe helped with engagement. You’ll need your wits about you to keep up, but providing you get in the habit of using the correct hashtags etc then it really is quite simple.

The reports that come through the following day are professionally presented and detailed. The team were on hand to answer my questions, of which there were quite a few!

The concert itself turned out to be a sell-out, I was even running around during the first few songs trying to arrange extra seating for walk-ins on the night. A large number of people I spoke to cited twitter as being the medium via which they learned about the event, and I’ve no doubt that the team at QuickestFox were integral to us getting that message out and making the event such a success. A big thank you to all involved.

Daniel Kelly, Head of Operations

Ireland West Music TV