Here at QuickestFox Marketing we understand business. We want your business no matter how big or small to be seen and appreciated. We go out of our way to help SMEs and start-ups. That’s why we started!

Every business needs exposure and reach. We can do that for you. QuickestFox Marketing host Twitter chats QuickestFox omig final1nationwide in Ireland.  We use the counties as your geographic sales targets.  We get over 100 million impacts a week on Twitter across our County Hours (independently verified).

We also run large marketing campaigns nationwide. If you have a business that needs nationwide exposure, we can do that too!

Every business should spend at least one hour a week taking part in a Twitter chat! It’s fun but it’s also good business sense. Pick the one that suits you. We’ve plenty to offer. Read about one sponsors experience on promoting their event: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-use-twitter-sell-out-your-event-tom-mccarthy

If you’re in Galway, try #GalwayHour on Tuesdays at 9pm, Dublin, try #DublinHour on Thursdays at 9pm on Twitter.  There’s  a county by county timetable listed on this page.

Engage Engage Engage is our philosophy!  Our hosts love new accounts to introduce to all our followers 100,000 of them nationwide! It’s a safe place, we don’t allow politics or religion and we do positivity, lots of positivity!

Talk to us.  We at  QuickestFox Marketing are very approachable and pragmatic. If it can be done we’ll do it for you! Remember – We’ll make you Trendy!

Interested in becoming one of the county hour hosts? Contact Us