Kinlay Hostel – #trendforaweek

We were thrilled to be selected to run the first ever #trendforaweek. What a fantastic opportunity for Kinlay! I was a bit concerned about how much work would be involved but Philip made it all really easy. The reaction from around the country was just fantastic. We got national coverage over the week and linked up with so many people and associations which we would otherwise never have known. It’s funny chatting to new people and they say “Oh! You’re Kinlay Galway! I always see ye guys on twitter”. It’s amazing how a brand name can get recognised so quickly.

The week itself was good fun I must say. A bit intense on the fingers but totally worth it. Our website hits went through the roof, bookings increased, brand awareness grew & we made tons of new friends who are essentially brand ambassadors all over the country. Word of mouth is huge for us and #trendforaweek just added to that. Massive thanks to all at Quickest Fox Marketing for all their help and support.

Frank O’Connell  l  General Manager  l  Kinlay Hostel
Eyre Square, Galway

Awarded BEST HOSTEL IN IRELAND 2015 – International Hostel Awards  ~

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