How To!!

On this page you will find some handy tips on how to get the most from your Twitter experience for your business

Who we Follow & Why!

Each “hour” follows people and businesses from that local area. So @galwayhour only follows people from Galway or with a proven link to Galway. This is useful as sponsors and new businesses can follow all the people that @galwayhour follows and be happy in the knowledge that they will be able to directly market Galway people.

We don’t do politics or anything Xrated on the “hours” There’s plenty of other room on Twitter for that. We do positivity. We like people and we don’t abuse anyone. If someone is being abusive we block them quietly and don’t engage with them – Don’t feed the trolls! It doesn’t happen too often thankfully.

How to get the most from sponsoring an hour!

Firstly, congratulations on booking a sponsorship of one of the hours! Here are some pointers to get the most from it.

birdhashtagPick a hashtag. Your hashtag should be unique if possible. I would recommend using your website name for instance. This has the added benefit of increasing your Search Engine Optimisation (your ranking on google searches). A shorter hashtag can be useful as you only have 140 characters in a tweet!

Don’t worry too much about trending. Everyone likes to trend. But some nights you’re up against some massive sporting event or a murder on a soap! Just put out the most interesting tweets you can and engage as many people as you can talk to over the “hour”. New hashtags are weighted heavily by Twitter and they often Trend quickly and disappear quickly. Do not worry about this. With a large volume of tweets using your hashtag your website and business will see the benefit long term rather than short term. Get maximum engagement by tweeting pictures and video. Not too much video as your supporters could disappear to watch it!

Send direct messages to your followers and tell them you are participating on an “hour” and the day and time it’s on. Use a tool such as TweetGuru to send multiple Direct messages (up to 12 at a time). If you are on Facebook or any other social media post the details there too.

Pick a good prize. If your business is one that’s not relevant to a large audience but you really need the profile and SEO Boost from Twitter then give away a voucher or a meal for 2 with Cocktails! Twitter people love food! Post pictures of the prize!

How to get the most from your pictures and SEO

When preparing your folder of photos to use rename them to match your hashtag. This is a way of embedding your hashtag in your pictures and gets a better return from a SEO point of view on each tweet. So if your hashtag is #blackgammon then name your pictures blackgammon001, blackgammon002, etc.

If there’s a lot going on on someone’s timeline on Twitter they look for the pictures, give them something to look at!