Our Resident Chef

In this book we will look at recipes for main, starter and desserts dishes. You may find the
Souplayout differs from the standard cook books you may have. The reason for this is simple; I prefer not to segregate starters from mains. Instead I include Steakideas for any leftovers from the main course that could be included in starters, sides or possibly other dishes. There will be some separate starters and desserts that do not flow from the mains and I will include these in the appropriate chapters.

As a chef the one thing I ask of you is to buy fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. The reasons are Lambsimple and plain; not only is it local, it is fresher, tastier, has a low carbon footprint, and you are supporting your own local economy for employment and quality. Ireland, and especially Cork, produces some of the best ingredients this world has to offer.

bookI hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I would also like to take this time to thank those who have inspired me to write this and who provided feedback and gave of their time freely.

Chef Joesph